Vehicle Sales

Stock vehicles in Zimbabwe or en-route to Zimbabwe that can be purchased straight away and secured for you.

Vehicle Procurement

If we don't have what you are looking for in stock we can purchase vehicles on your behalf and arrange everything required for the import.

Vehicle Exports

We can arrange export of your vehicle for you to a foreign country or even supply direct for company or project.

Vehicle Accessories

We have a great supply of accessories that can be arranged and fitted to your vehicle.

Worldwide Vehicle Logistics

If you have purchased your own vehicle from a foreign market we can arrange the shipment to the port of your choice.


Carrier logistics out of Durban can be arranged for delivery to Beitbridge, Harare and other destinations in Southern Africa.

Vehicle Clearing & Registration

Part and parcel of our service to make your import as easy as possible.

Rebate Assistance

Assistance to qualifying customers (Disability, Tourism, Diplomatic, Returning Resident and New immigrants) Zimbabwe has a system where by you may be able to import a vehicle duty free, if you do we can give you all the advise you need and assistance.

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